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Installation and Startup


Installation and Startup Services are integral parts of the MobileNexus Tools Service.  Your assigned MobileNexus Account Manager will provide a paper and/or email quotation for services based upon one or more discussions of your business needs.  If this quote is agreed upon, we'll provide a services contract for your review.  Upon MobileNexus receipt of a signed services contract and initial receipt of payment due, MobileNexus Tools can be installed and started.  

Installation and Startup is a 3-phase process:  

  • Pre-Installation
  • Installation and Checkout
  • Post-Installation Status Review.  

Business Subscriber management and both designated, technically competent IT and Marketing professionals must be available to participate in all phases.  If any are not promptly available, getting MobileNexus Tools actively online can be delayed.  Installations for other Business Subscribers will be scheduled in the interim until all Pre-Installation action items are completed.



A Pre-Installation meeting (optionally via Telecon, Skype, or GoToMeeting.com) is held with Business Subscriber point-of-contact and authorized agent, designated IT professional, and designated Marketing professional.  The installation checklist will be reviewed at the meeting for:

  • Point-of-Contact Information
  • Designated IT professional Contact Information
  • Designated Marketing professional Contact Information
  • Site Information
  • Billing Information
  • Monthly Auto Bill Pay Review
  • Services Contract Terms Review
  • Placement of MobileNexus Pacards and Decals at Business
  • GeoAlert Server Specified, meets minimum requirements, and On-site
  • GeoAlert Auto Email and Text Contacts
  • Other Management App Target hardware, meet minimum requirements, and On-site
  • User Accounts defined: individual info, username, password, access level
  • Email Account Info
  • Text Account Info
  • WiFi/Ethernet-wired Access specified
  • Local/Remote Backup Access
  • Initial Notification, Text, and Email Templates
  • To-Do Action Item List before Installation
  • Confirmation that checklist is complete
  • Schedule Installation Day



Our Installation & Startup Manager meets briefly with site manager and IT professional to get oriented on install location.

The Installation & Startup Manager will work to install, setup, activate, and verify that MobileNexus Tools is fully operational

The Installation & Startup Manager will:

  • GeoAlert Server & Management App Install and Setup
  • Meet with Marketing Professional
  • Setup Active, Online Notification, Text, and Email templates
  • Field Check Notification, Text and Email GeoAlert reception
  • QuickStart Training Session with Site Manager, IT and Marketing professional
  • Schedule Post Installation Status Review meeting.


Post Installation Status Review

The purpose of the of this Status Review is to assure a positive experience and customer satisfaction such that MobileNexus Tools becomes an integral part of Business Subscriber's marketing and sales plan.  Within 48 hours of the Installation and Setup a Status Meeting (optionally via Telecon, Skype, or GoToMeeting.com) will be held with the MobileNexus Account Manager, Installation and Startup Manager, Business Subscriber Site Contact Manager, IT and Marketing professionals.  The purpose is to review the installation, discuss any open issues, determine a to-do list of action items and next contact date/time to review results of action items.

Telecon meetings continue to happen at an appropriate time interval (1-day to less tha a week) until all action items are resolved.

Schedule monthly status meetings or at time interval comfortable for Business Subscriber.


YouTube video tutorials for Business Subscriber Self Installations are Coming in Q3 of 2017....

The following are the following planned Video Tutorials:


Android and iOS App Install, Set Favorites, and Daily Usage of Automated Features

Customers can follow this tutorial to install, set Favorite Businesses, and learn how to use on a daily basis.

Customer GeoAlert Management App activates as a Business Subscriber

Designated IT Professionals can follow this tutorial to install, setup, and activate a Business Subscription.

Customizing Notifications, Texts, and Emails for Proximity Marketing Business Promotion

Designated Marketing Professionals can follow this tutorial to set up effective notifications, texts, and emails via Template Builders.

Using the Management App Daily

Business Subscriber Managers and employees can follow this tutorial to effectively track promotion success and customer analytics.

MobileNexus Tools

MobileNexus Tools (click on thumbnail to enlarge) is a service which is composed of tools all developed by MobileNexus all working together to function as a cohesive system which performs the following major functions: 

  • Customers Register for notifications, texts, and emails via Smartphone.
  • Automatically sends Notifications, Texts, and/or Emails to Customers travelling nearby within blocks of a favorite Subscriber's Business or within minutes at highway speeds.
  • Manages customer favorite choices to easily nearby or soon-to-be-nearby businesses.
  • Enables the easy creation and management of Notifications, Texts, and Emails by the Business Subscriber.
  • EXCLUSIVELY Provides voice Notifications and Texts (Android only) for driver safety.
  • Provides Business Subscribers with feedback in terms of measurements of promotion success.


The following are all part of the MobileNexus Tools service:

  • The iPhone Customer App registers Customers automatically with a couple of screen taps and easily designating favorite businesses.
  • The Android Customer App registers Customers automatically with a couple of screen taps and easily designating favorite businesses.
  • The MobileNexus Cloud manages customer business favorites, specific Notifications, Texts, and Emails for all business Subscribers promotions, and sends Notifications, Texts, and Emails by automated request from the respective Smartphone App.
  • The Management App is used by the Business Subscriber's Promotions Manager or MobileNexus Digital Marketing Partner to build specific notifications, texts, and emails and send them to the MobileNexus Cloud. Also, this app provides a measurement of promotion success as feedback.


The Services tab on the main MobileNexus web page explains all our services that focus on support of MobileNexus Tools including the Management App and the MobileNexus Cloud.

The Apps tab on the main MobileNexus web page showcases the iPhone and Android Customer Apps that fully support MobileNexus Tools.