Tue, Dec 11, 2018
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MobileNexus Cloud

The MobileNexus Cloud provides a simple, quick, automated way use to their iPhone or Android MobileNexus Customer App to register, store customer business favorites to receive Notifications, Texts, and Emails from their Favorite Businesses when nearby.

Business Subscribers also access the MobileNexus Cloud to create, edit, and update Notifications, Texts, and Emails for promotions and information that they want sent to their customers.  The MobileNexus Cloud also provides a measurement of promotion success to Business Subscribers.

GeoAlerts are defined as notifications, texts, and emails that are sent from Business Subscribers to their customers while they are nearby nearby within blocks or within a few minutes at highway speeds.

System Support Services

MobileNexus Online Support Center:


For other questions/comments:

Phone: 219-742-6501

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MobileNexus provides system support services 24x7x365 with staff available between the hours of 9:00AM - 5:00PM Central Time, Monday through Friday for normal incident resolution. Premier Support coverage is provided as necessary to resolve incidents affecting business operations after hours.

The MobileNexus Online Support Center is the most convenient means of support and is available 24x7 for self-service technical assistance. In the online support center, you can:

  • Download software updates and patches
  • Log support request tickets or view and update status of previously submitted tickets
  • View updates to supported platforms and hardware
  • Access product documentation, technical articles, knowledgebase, forum, and FAQs
  • Receive guidance and tools for troubleshooting

Email & Text Marketing Support

Full MobileNexus Tools Automation is fundamental to our philosophy of offering the simplest and most effective tools with the focus to increase sales. This results in minimizing the Subscriber's manpower, time, and expense from customer registration to sending customers notifications, texts, and emails when nearby (but not at nuisance frequency) and at regular timed intervals. Obviously, MarketNibble Tools should be an active and intrinsic part the Business Subscriber's Marketing Plan. Therefore, notification, text, and email content should be updated at time intervals that make sense for the business. Updating email and text templates are intuitive and as easy as writing emails and texts.

The ongoing marketing contribution to provide customers the most up-to-date and accurate information about the Subscriber's business can be achieved by the Business Subscriber using any of the following professionals:

  • Business Subscriber Marketing Management
  • Designated Marketing Professional.


If additional email and text marketing support is needed, MobileNexus will provide this support per a minimum monthly commitment of billable hours using one of the following professionals:

  • MobileNexus Digital Marketing Partners
  • MobileNexus Marketing Services.


Please contact your MobileNexus Account Manager for any needed marketing support.

QuickStart Training

Two options for QuickStart Training exist.  QuickStart Training during Installation is a brief, informal overview during installation.  It's strongly suggested to send all those in the Business Subscriber's organization or their designated IT and Marketing professionals who will have daily interactions and will be key to the successful implementation of MobileNexus tools to the Full Day QuickStart Training Class.

QuickStart Training during Installation is an informal session with the Installation and Setup Manager that is intended to give the Business Subscriber and others who interact with MobileNexus Tools (including site manager, designated IT and Marketing professionals, and daily users) a view the interaction with the MobileNexus Tools Service.  It's somewhat fast paced and meant only to educate those in attendance of what is possible to do with the service.  It's not meant to be hands-on since we have a full day, on-site or off-site (at MobileNexus facilities) class at additional cost.

Full Day QuickStart Training Class is a hands-on, on-site or off-site (at MobileNexus facilities) class with 8 hours of classroom and simulated laboratory exercises.  A syllabus will be available in Q2 2017.  See your MobileNexus Account Manager for details as to schedule, cost, and class content.


YouTube video tutorial for Business Subscriber "QuickStart Training during Installation" is Coming in Q2 of 2017....

QuickStart Training during Installation  - FREE

Business Subscriber, including site manager, designated IT and Marketing professionals, and daily users can follow this tutorial at their pace as many times as they need.  When released, one can access this YouTube Video Tutorial at: