Tue, Dec 11, 2018
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Welcome to the MobileNexus Website and my Blog

I want to welcome all to our newly launched MobileNexus website.  We have a lot information on our services including the products that are integral to delivering this service.  I will be bloviating on an industry that we are defining and pioneering, proximity marketing business services which is essentially the next generation digital sign business.  I'll also comment and discuss MobileNexus business, applications of our unique, ground breaking services, and Business Subscriber success stories as well as the challenges.  

We do expect MobileNexus to have a viral effect in the business community in terms of interest, education as to what is possible, and the progress and growth of our service offerings.  If we do it right, we'll take that interest at another level, the customers of our Business Subscribers.  It will take the main stream media interest in our technology and services to get that level of awareness.  Given that the main stream media tends to have at least superficial interest in somethig new and different, awareness of the MobileNexus brand on both of these levels is critical to our success.  So, stay tuned for a view from inside MobileNexus which I expect will be exciting especially as viral interest translates into phenomenal company growth.