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The MobileNexus Team

Jim Kozlowski

Jim Kozlowski

Founder and General Manager
BS EE, MS EE Purdue University
Patrick Kozlowski

Patrick Kozlowski

Chief Software Systems Architect
BS EE, BS CompE Purdue University
Christopher Kozlowski

Christopher Kozlowski

Services Sales Manager
BS Business & HR Purdue University
Michael Kozlowski

Michael Kozlowski

IT Systems Manager
BS IT Purdue University

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About Us


MobileNexus was established as the leading developer and provider of innovative solutions for the next generation of retail to mobile communications. The company’s leadership recognized a serious need and market potential to engineer a high technology tool which offers mobile communications with a wide array of mobile devices from smartphones to tablets to laptop PCs in a fully automated way. Business subscribers communicate with thousands of their customers throughout North America.

As a company founded on innovation, MobileNexus continues to develop advanced, affordable mobile solutions that help our business subscribers communicate more effectively and efficiently with their customers to increase their sales while lowering their marketing and advertising costs.


Our Mission

Our mission is a ground-breaking innovator in facilitating the next generation of effective Retail to Mobile Communications. We are dedicated to delivering the most cost effective, automated solutions for our customers through superior service, innovation, quality, and commitment.


Core Values

We hire smart people. Great companies are built from great people. We seek to attract and retain bright people who are quick learners and who are committed to embracing and effectively utilizing new technologies.

We respond to the customer. We feel a personal sense of urgency on matters related to our clients. We are highly responsive and genuinely want our clients to succeed.

We make things happen. Everyone at MobileNexus is empowered and expected to independently accomplish tasks for the benefit of MobileNexus and our customers.

We expect a reasonable profit. We expect to earn a reasonable profit to provide for employee growth and long term sustainability for our clients and vendors.

We share information appropriately. We believe in collaboration with our clients and coworkers. We're happy to share knowledge and train our clients to take operation of their systems. Our clients should work with us because they want to, not because they are trapped due to lack of knowledge or information.

We have fun. Work is an important part of life that should be fun and more than just a paycheck. Professionalism does not mean being stuffy and boring.

We tell it like it is. We are honest and fair in our dealings with our clients, vendors, partners and each other. Our integrity preserves the dignity and individuality of every person involved in our work, both our employees and our clients.

• We maintain our objectivity through adherence to the scientific method and professional ethics.
• We respect confidential information.
• Our actions will be moral, legal, and ethical acts; even the appearance of impropriety, will not be tolerated in conducting our business.
• We do what is right, even when it is difficult.
• We treat one another with dignity and respect.

We add value to the community and meaning to our lives, with a sense of concern and participation, by sharing our knowledge, feelings, and talents, with all people.
• We promote a sense of belonging based on fun, recognition, support and respect.
• We add value to society through participation in our communities and organizations.
• We offer opportunities to learn and grow.
• We promote the growth of high technology and our resident workers in Northwest Indiana.

We are adaptable, proactively innovative and recognize the need for change and growth.
• We seek out and utilize new ideas, new technologies, and different perspectives.
• We are innovative, adaptive, and evolving to offer technically advanced solutions.
• We are flexible in the face of changing priorities, environments, and directions.
• We encourage innovation, collaboration, and creative thinking.
• We continuously strive for improvement and view mistakes as learning opportunities.
• We enhance our abilities by continuously updating our skills and keeping current in our field.

We are accountable. We are accountable to our team, our clients, and ourselves. We work as a team and promote teambuilding. Through teamwork we achieve a common and mutually beneficial result above what each member is capable of alone.
• We work towards shared goals putting self interests aside.
• We leverage our diverse knowledge, experience, and talent to create the highest level of team performance.
• We freely debate alternatives and support team decisions.
• We exhibit a ‘can do’, ‘will do’ attitude.
• We keep our commitments.
• We don’t make commitments for other people.
• We focus on solutions, not excuses.
• We accept responsibility for our actions.
• We clearly define and understand expectations, rewards, and consequences.
• We empower employees to make and execute decisions at the most effective levels throughout the organization.

We communicate. We communicate by exchanging thoughts and networking with co-employees and the world, receiving and imparting information rapidly and globally to remain informed, educated, and competitive.
• We have a consistent, accurate, and timely flow of information throughout the organization, and to our customers.
• We practice the open exchange of ideas and give feedback positively.
• We involve stakeholders in pertinent decision-making.
• We are open, honest, and direct.
• Our actions are consistent with our words.

Contact Us



MobileNexus Corporation

Purdue Technology Center

9800 Connecticut Drive

Crown Point, IN  46307


Phone:  219-742-6501

For specific inquires please send emails directly to:

Sales: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Please send us an inquiry via email here. We strive to answer all requests within 72 hours.

Alternatively, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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