Sun, Jan 20, 2019
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iPhone Customer App

  • iPhone App Main View
  • iPhone App Google Maps View
  • iPhone App Tabular View

The iPhone Customer App provides a simple, quick, automated way to register and easily set Favorite Businesses. This main menu sets notification, text, and email preferences as well as access to a tabular nearby search and Google Maps views to easily set Favorite Businesses.  An EXCLUSIVE, driver-safe feature optionally provides voice notifications.

GeoAlerts are defined as notifications, texts, and emails that are sent from Business Subscribers to their customers while they are nearby nearby within blocks or within a few minutes at highway speeds. 

The Google Maps View centers the map at the smartphone user's position.  Subscriber Businesses are annotated with business names and are located with green and red pins.  The green pins are Favorites, while the red pins are not.

When a pin is tapped, an information window pops up with the business name, address, phone number, and website.

Long tapping this information window again toggles the Favorite status.  One can toggle this status again by simply long tapping the information window.  One closes this information window by tapping elsewhere on the map.  Short tapping the information window goes to a tabular view of that business.

One can easily get turn by turn Google directions clicking the Directions Icon on the bottom right side of the map.

The Google Maps View provides.

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