Beta Test Launch

beta testing

We're now actively partnering with a number of businesses in the Chicago/NW Indiana area in many different market industries with walk-in business for our beta test period.  This is a great time to experience what our technology can do to get more customers to come into your business and buy more.  Since this is essentially a field test before our first commercial release, there is no cost to businesses for the entire beta test period.  At the conclusion of the beta test period, all beta test subscribers are eligible for preferred subscriber services pricing.  Beta Test Users benefit from the increased business potential while evaluating MobileNexus Tool Services on a FREE basis.

As a Beta Test User, you will work with us closely to install, setup, and support full system operation during the beta test period.  Since this is a beta test, full functionality will be subjected to a real world environment.  Beta Test users are expected to work with us patiently while we fully ready these tools for commercial release.

Contact us to become a Beta Test User at no charge if you have high interest in this technology and what it can do for your business.